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Take Your Measurements

When you want to transform your body, it is important to take measurements as well as use the scales to gauge your transformation results.

As you begin exercising, you may be gaining lean muscle which means the scales don’t move but you will most likely find that your measurements have in fact gone down.


  • Use a cloth measuring tape and avoid a metal one as it’s not as accurate.
  • Do your measurements without clothing first thing in the morning as it’s the best way to avoid your clothes getting in the way as well as steering clear of post-meal bloating.
  • Breathe normally and don’t ‘suck in’ when taking your measurements to ensure you get accurate stats.
  • Ensure the tape is firm around your body when taking your measurements but not too tight
  • Be CONSISTENT with your measurements and take them every 1-2 weeks.


Your chest is measured just below your breasts and just under your nipples.


You can find your waist by locating the natural fold you when you bend side to side. It tends to be the smallest part of your torso. Place one end of the tape above your belly button and bring the other side of the tape around your back to join up again.


Use your belly button as the measuring point for your stomach.


Measure at the widest point of your hips or bottom and ensure the tape is level. You may need to do this in the mirror or ask someone to help you.


Use the largest part of your thigh to measure. The measurement could be slightly different on each leg so do both separately.

Upper Arms

Use the largest part of your upper arm to measure. Results on each arm could vary so be sure to do both separately.


Measure the largest part of your lower leg. Do each leg separately.

It’s Not All About the Scales!

As you begin your exercise journey, you will build lean muscle tissue which weighs more and is denser than fat. At times you may see the number on the scales increase. Even though the number may increase or not move, it doesn’t mean you’re not getting smaller. You can be in a smaller pants size and not be getting any lighter on the scale. This is why we advise you to take measurements every 1-2 weeks as well as weighing yourself.